Taller Maya

History and culture have their place in the present.

Taller Maya is a design brand made up of a group of artisan social companies and a multi-disciplinary creative team established in the Yucatán Peninsula that create a dialogue between the wisdom of mayan culture and contemporary design that translates into unique handmade objects.

Taller Maya works as a platform for socio-economic development and is part of the World Fair Trade Organization to ensure that the artisan social companies have an access to a global market under fair trade conditions. Its purpose is to strengthen formal value chains and to generate sustainable sources of income for the rural Mayan communities of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Our handmade pieces are made up of colorful, vibrant, natural materials and traditional techniques that carry the history and knowledge of its people. Taller Maya is committed to promote mayan artisanal work today and tomorrow; building a future where sustainable practices are paramount.